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C# Question

Umbraco 4.6+ - How to get all nodes by doctype in C#?

Using Umbraco 4.6+, is there a way to retrieve all nodes of a specific doctype in C#? I've been looking in the

namespace, but haven't found anything of use yet.

Answer Source

I was just doing this today, something like the below code should work (using umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory), call it with a nodeId of -1 to get the root node of the site and let it work it's way down:

private void DoSomethingWithAllNodesByType(int NodeId, string typeName)
    var node = new Node(nodeId);
    foreach (Node childNode in node.Children)
        var child = childNode;
        if (child.NodeTypeAlias == typeName)
            //Do something

        if (child.Children.Count > 0)
            GetAllNodesByType(child, typeName);
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