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How to make several plots on a single page using matplotlib?

I have written code that opens 16 figures at once. Currently they all open as separate graphs. I'd like them to open all on the same page. Not the same graph. I want 16 separate graphs on a single page/window. Also for some reason the format of the numbins and defaultreallimits doesn't hold past figure 1. Do I need to use the subplot command? I don't understand why I would have to but can't figure out what else I would do?

import csv
import scipy.stats
import numpy
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

for i in range(16):
filename= easygui.fileopenbox(msg='Pdf distance 90m contour', title='select file', filetypes=['*.csv'], default='X:\\herring_schools\\')
for row in csv.DictReader(alt_file):
y= numpy.array(a, float)
relpdf=scipy.stats.relfreq(y, numbins=7, defaultreallimits=(-10,60))
bins = numpy.arange(-10,60,10)
print numpy.sum(relpdf[0])
print bins
patches=plt.bar(bins,relpdf[0], width=10, facecolor='black')
titlename= easygui.enterbox(msg='write graph title', title='', default='', strip=True, image=None, root=None)
plt.ylabel('Probability Density Function')
plt.xlabel('Distance from 90m Contour Line(nm)')


Answer Source

To answer your main question, you want to use the subplot command. I think changing plt.figure(i) to plt.subplot(4,4,i+1) should work.

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