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NSTableview reloadDataForRowIndexes sounds in mac

I am developing an app for Mac, I am getting a weird issue. When ever i reload a row and for a particular column when the reload code executes i am getting a sound output from my mac.

Below is the code

myTableView.reloadDataForRowIndexes(myTableView.selectedRowIndexes, columnIndexes: NSIndexSet.init(index: myTableView.columnWithIdentifier("source")))

I have a column with identifier "source", When ever i try to reload and after the execution of the above line i am getting sound in my mac.

I am using Xcode 7.3, OSX 10.11.6

Answer Source

Finally i found the issue. I debugged the code in depth and found the root cause.

Sound is coming when ever i am calling below code, here sourceTextField is a NSTextField. I commented this code and every thing is working fine.(i can directly give the value to text field like sourceTextField.stringValue.)


Thanks to all of you who made some time to write a comment/ post a message, Sorry for bothering you all guys.

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