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Dart2JS and Enumerators

I'm using enumerators (experimental) in my project. Pub Build (Generate JS) in my Dart Editor does not work due to the enums. In my console, this command:

dart2js file.dart --enable-enum

does work, but it is inconvinient to do it through the console. Is there any way to add arguments to the default command in Dart Editor (--enable-enums) so it'd allow it to compile into JS?

Running it by default in Dartium works and when copying and pasting the server url (
), the dart2js is triggered and it starts working (after average compilation time).

EDIT: Yes, I have enums enabled in my editor.

EDIT2: To enable enums in dart2js, I have this transformer in pubspec.yaml:

- $dart2js:
commandLineOptions: [--enable-enum]

However, I get this error in a file, which uses enums:

Directive not allowed here.
part of thing;
[Info from Dart2JS]:

It's weird that it works in the console with the same arguments and not in the editor.

I have filled a bug report here.

Answer Source

As of 2016, the enumerators are fully implemented.

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