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Javascript Question

Is there a configuration in Github Pages that allows you to redirect everything to index.html for a Single Page App?

I'm trying to post my SPA app that works fine locally but when I push it to Github Pages, the interior pages don't register if you navigate to them directly.

For example
works but
doesn't because theres no redirect or rewrite. The index.html is located at the root of the project.

Answer Source

Github pages allows you to create a 404.html page that will be shown each time ... there is a 404 error. If doesn't exists, it will show your 404.html content with the "not found" url as window.location.

So, this page can contain a script that redirect to a hashbang style route. eg : react router, even using clean urls (browserHistory) can understand a route like PROJECT_NAME/#/about and will automatically push to PROJECT_NAME/about.

That's ugly !

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