Mafti Mafti - 9 months ago 40
ASP.NET (C#) Question

adding runat="server" changes the behaviour of the layout

I have a page with some controls, usercontrols etc.

when I change a div from plain

<div id="foo">
to a
<div id="foo" runat="server">

the layout complete changes.

why is that and how can I prevent it?

I'm using 2.0 .NET framework

Is it because .NET changes my id, which obviously I don't want?


If you're targetting the ID of the div control in CSS and then running the control at server, you'll find it no longer applies the style.

This is because ASP.NET has a built in mechanism (INamingContainer) to ensure than you don't have multiple controls named the same. It does this by adding container prefixes so you end up with:

<div id="ctl00_ctl00_myDivName" runat="server" />

The easiest way around this is to change it from working on an ID to working on a class:

<div class="myDiv" runat="server"></div>

Alternatively, I believe that XHTML requires that Divs have closing tags so use

<div runat="server">Some content</div>