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Pi Output In Swift

I am trying to build a degrees/radians calculator. Here are the functions I have.

func degreesToRadians(degrees: Double) -> Double {

return degrees * (M_PI / 180)


func radiansToDegrees(radians: Double) -> Double {

return radians * (180 / M_PI)




degreesToRadians(90) returns 1.5707963267949
radiansToDegrees(M_PI/4) returns 45.0

What I want to happen is in the Degrees to Radians function instead of 1.5707963267949 I want the output to be π/2. Is this even possible?


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To represent 90 degrees as π/2, what you want to do is

  • consider the fraction of degrees over 180 (i.e. numerator of degrees and denominator of 180);

  • reduce this fraction (i.e. divide both the numerator and denominator by the greatest common factor); in the case of 90/180, the greatest common factor is, in fact, 90, yielding a reduced numerator of 1 and a reduced denominator of 2;

  • the result as a string representation of the fraction, i.e. something like


    Obviously, if either the numerator or denominator are 1, then you can suppress that portion of the string, but hopefully you get the basic idea.

Take a crack at that.

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