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CSS Question

Styling error in default browsers of Samsung and Apple, Chrome works fine

The mobile page of should look like the right (how it is in inspection of chrome) but on smartphone default browser it looks like left. On Smartphone Chrome browser it looks normal as well, but most people use default browsers unfortunately.

enter image description here

I tried to effect the weird looking class "product-info" with following, but without any change. Do you know whats wrong here?

.product-info {

Or is there any opportunity to try in inspection mode on mobile?

Answer Source

I found a possible way to remotely debug Samsung Internet via Chrome chrome://inspectwith this manual:

Out of some reason I cannot get it work. I followed the manual but there is no such link like highlighted here: enter image description here

Is it working on your desktop?

I couldnt find a solution to inspect Samsung Internet Browser, but I was able to fix the weird looking problem with giving the boxes a min-width:100% Dont really know why this is now working, but it does

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