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What Repository do I need to add to my Artifactory so I can get Typesafe's SBT plugins?

I'm trying to build a play-framework application behind a heavily firewalled corporate network. I use an Artifactory to supply all of the project dependencies - there's no other way of connecting to the outside world. I've actually just git-cloned the starter project from the Play documentation.

When I sbt build the first error I see is a failure to download a plugin from the private repo:

[warn] module not found:;2.5.10
[warn] ==== local: tried
[warn] C:\Users\salimfadhley\.ivy2\local\\sbt-plugin\scala_2.10\sbt_0.13\2.5.10\ivys\ivy.xml
[warn] ==== my-maven-proxy-releases: tried
[warn] ==== my-ivy-proxy-releases: tried

It looks like there's a missing repository in my Artifactory configuration. That's easily rectified if only I knew which repository I needed to add.

Since this is a project the logical place to look was in one of TypeSafe's repositories: It looks like it wants to get a the sbt-plugin version 2.5.10, however I can see the highest numbered version of the plugin that has been published is actually 2.4.x

In other words, how on earth would this get resolved, even if I could connect to the Internet? The thing that it's trying to find does not actually exist! How can I rectify this to make the project actually buildable?

Answer Source

The plugin is available from the following Ivy repository:

More generally, the page about proxy repositories in the SBT docs has some usefull information (including the above URL), although I don't think all of it is very clear.

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