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AngularJS Question

Combining multiple apps

If I'm using Nodejs along with Angular to build a website - it seems like its basically a collection of 3 apps so far. To start I have a basic search app (movies) built with Angular and ES, a MEAN based login app and a AngularJS contact form app. How do I combine the 3 apps to make a "website" - if you will. All 3 apps have their own client side routing (UI Router). Now that said, I also have a couple of simple static HTML files that also need to be included in this.

Basically a user would come to the home page (movies app) and search for their favorite movie, actor etc. I want to provide an account feature (login app) so that they can create lists of their favorite movies, actors, scenes etc. How would I combine these 2 apps to form the website?

Do I just combine all 3 apps into 1 big app? Am I missing something?

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Depend on what you are going to achieve. Single Page Application has advantages and disadvantages. In your particular case, I would suggest merging this three apps as single one because it has very related entities. Just create single entry point (root module) and include your apps as different modules with a top level routing handle. UI-router - is most flexible routing for Ng, so don't miss it. Good luck!

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