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Python Question

How to create multiple entities dynamically in google app engine using google data storage(python)

I wish to implement this:

There should be an entity A with column 1 having values a,b,c...[dynamically increases by user's input]

There should be another entity B for each values of a , b , c..

How should I approach this problem?
Should I dynamically generate other entities as user creates more [a,b,c,d... ] ?
If yes , how?
Any other way of implementation of the same problem,?

Answer Source

It's not recommended to dynamically create a new table. You need to redesign your database relation structure.

For example in a user messaging app instead of making a new table for every new message [ which contains message and user name] , you should rather create a User table and Messagestable separately and implement a many to one relation between the two tables.

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