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Template design pattern in JDK, could not find a method defining set of methods to be executed in order

I am reading about

Template design pattern
. As per my current understanding, Template design pattern can be used when we have an algorithm with defined set of processes(methods) to be done in order.
Main players are

Abstract Template class
providing a
template method
defining the processes (methods) and the order of execution. Usually this method is made final, so as its behavior is not modified. Few of the processes(methods) mentioned in the template method are provided with default implementation and others depending upon the concrete classes extending the Abstract template class types are left as abstract.

Concrete classes extending the Template method
. These override the default methods if necessary and provided the implementation for the abstract methods defined in the Abstract Template class.

I tried searching for its implementation in JDK, i looked at
classes after reading that these classes implement this pattern. I was not able to find any method defining a set of processes(methods) and the order of execution.

Please provide your valuable inputs.

Answer Source

A simple example is

The template method is
public void write(byte b[], int off, int len).

It calls the abstract method
public abstract void write(int b),
which must be implemented by a subclass of OutputStream.

In this case the invariant portion of the template is the basic error handling that is common to every OutputStream, while the variant portion of the template is the actual writing, which is specific to each concrete implementation.

Your understanding of the pattern is correct; however, it needn't be that complex. Basically, any concrete method which calls an abstract method in the same class is a template method.

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