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Ruby Question

How to operate and reassign multiple variables

I'm taking a number of variables in ruby and dividing them by some other constant.

I'm wondering if there's a DRY-er way to write something like the below:

ela_articles /= ela_active_students.to_f
ela_days /= ela_active_students.to_f
ela_growth /= ela_active_students.to_f
ela_at_above_now /= ela_active_students.to_f
ela_at_above_before /= ela_active_students.to_f

Answer Source

If you wish to apply the same method to multiple variables at the same time you can do the following:

a = 10
b = 20
c = 5

a, b = [a,b].map { |n| n.fdiv c }

a #=> 2.0
b #=> 4.0

Here we're using parallel assignment to redefine the variables a and b. For the division we've used Fixnum#fdiv which divides n by c and returns a float. You can of course use n/c.to_f instead.

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