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Jquery date picker z-index issue

I have a slideshow div, and I have a datepicker field above that div.

When I click in the datepicker field, the datepicker panel show behind slideshow div.

And I have put the script as:

So I cannot change the z-index of datepicker in CSS. The z-index of datepicker which the script is generating is 1 and my slideshow div(also calling thru googleajaxapi) z-index is 5. So I guess I have to increase the z-index of date picker greater than 5. So is there any way to increase it ?

Someone can help me?

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Put the following style at the 'input' text element: position: relative; z-index: 100000;.

The datepicker div takes the z-index from the input, but this works only if the position is relative.

Using this way you don't have to modify any javascript from jQuery UI.