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Adding Stanford C++ Library to Visual Studio 2015

I am learning C++ through 'Programming Abstractions in C++' by Eric S. Roberts, which covers the content of Stanford CS106B. It requires to use the Stanford C++ Library to work on a lot of the examples given in the book.

I am however using Visual Studio Community 2015 and am pretty much unable to link the Stanford C++ Library to it. I have tried everything that I found so far on the internet. Perhaps the library is not compatible with VS 2015 yet?

Would you please, help me with a set of instructions. I am not a software engineer or a CS. I am an ME, so any detailed instructions would be very helpful! Thanks!

Answer Source

I've looked for the Stanford C++ library and found that is contains pure header and source files.

So what you could do is:

A) Just add the files directly to your project.(Drag-n-drop)

B) Create a new static library project with Stanford library files, compile it and then link it to your personal project.

Stanford library source code:

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