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How can I notify my user that a read hasn't been completed yet?

I have a class that encapsulates all the business logic related to using Asio to read and write to a generic stream socket. I'd like to add a flag so my users know if they can retrieve data from a getter or whether we're still waiting for the backend.

How is this normally done? Set a flag to busy after the write and do the read in the background in a separate thread? The flag would be something similar to PQisBusy

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Don't know if you are looking for an asynchronous solution such as using a callback or a polling method. From the question it seems you are looking for a polling method since you want a flag that users can check to see if the data is fully ready. In that case just define a variable and function in your class, .h file:

#include <atomic>
#include <thread>    

class MySocket
   bool IsReady();
   void StartDataGather();    
   void GatherDataThread();
   static std::atomic<bool> _isReady;
   std::thread _thread;

In your .cpp file:

#include "MySocket.h"

static std::atomic<bool> MySocket::_isReady(false); // Default flag to false.

    // Make sure to kill the thread if this class is destroyed.
    if (_thread.joinable())

bool MySocket::IsReady() { return _isReady; }

void MySocket::StartDataGather()
    _isReady = false; // Reset flag.

    // If your gather thread is running then stop it or wait for it
    // to finish before starting it again.

    // Start the background thread to gather data.
    _thread = std::thread(GatherDataThread());

void MySocket::GatherDataThread()
    // This is your thread that gathers data.
    // Once all of the data is gathered, do the following:
    _isReady = true;

To use this method from outside of your client class do the following:

MySocket mySock;


    // Do some other code here until data is ready.
    // Once the MySocket::GatherDataThread() finishes it will
    // set _isReady = true which will cause mySock.IsReady() to
    // return true.

You now have a flag that others can check and it is thread safe because of the std::atomic<> template. The following uses C++ 11 or newer -std=c++11.

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