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ASP.NET (C#) Question

how to create folder on server from code in c#?

Is there any way to show user popup to give the name to create folder

And with that if he does not want to create folder then he should be shown the list of folders to which he want to save the file

Is it proper way that I create a popup with javascript with the list of folders on my server and put a textbox and button to save the new and in code we will create directory in code passed with textbox?

Answer Source

As I mentioned by commenting that Functionality like SaveFileDialog is only possible in Windows Forms application, you cannot do this in asp.net

The alternatives in asp.net are difficult however as an alternate there is a third party editor available on the web called CKEditor 3.x Developer's Guide.

You can use File Browser (Uploader) for the purpose you want to achieve.

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