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Swift Question

Swift change Back button title after button tap

I have a VC that have some backbutton title "XYZ", in viewDidLoad I will change it to "ABC". Then I want to change it again with same method, but it is not working. Tried many solutions but nothing work.

I found this code. Woking in viewdidload...but after that it dont.

let backButton = UIBarButtonItem(
title: " ",
style: UIBarButtonItemStyle.Plain,
target: nil,
action: nil
self.navigationController!.navigationBar.topItem!.backBarButtonItem = backButton

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Answer Source

Do this in your UIViewController class. This leaves the back arrow but removes the text beside it.

private var _title: String?
var backBarButtonHidden: Bool {
    didSet {
        if let index = navigationController?.viewControllers.indexOf(self) {
        if index > 0 {
            if let button = navigationController?.navigationBar.items?[index - 1] {
                if backBarButtonHidden {
                    _title = button.title
                   button.title = ""
                } else { button.title = _title }
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