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JSON Question

Getting index position of a div generated dinamically and stored in an array with a onclick function inside

I have two arrays, one contains all the divs generated and another one contains empty positions (later I fill them with a json). I need to find the exact position of the box I clicked so I can load also the exact position of the json array and edit it.

var counter = '';
var div = document.createElement('div');
div.className = 'new-box';
div.onclick = modifyBox;

With var counter I add "" to each position so I always have the same size in the array of boxes and array of json. How can I return the index of each div I click so I can have control of the position in both arrays?

My code:

Currently the button for modify isn't working as intended, when clicking a box and filling the fields you should edit that position of the json array, so box 1 is attached to json 1, box 2 to json 2...

Answer Source

Try this one, this will cast the DOM elements into an array and then will return the index of the clicked element

function getIndexOfDiv() {
   var divList ='new-box'));

   // pass the currently clicked div
   return divList.indexOf(this);
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