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How to get list of child elements of an element in Appium?

I'm working with native iOS app through Appium.

I have the following structure:

UIAApplication ->
UIAWindow ->
UIAWindow ->

I have found a way to get the first UIAWindow and I'd like to get the list of all elements in that window. How do I do that?

I'd like to get UIATextBox and UIALabel from first UIAWindow but NOT SomethingElse element.

How do I do list of child elements in general?

public void testListWindows() {
List<MobileElement> windows = driver.findElementsByClassName("UIAWindow");
List<MobileElement> elements = windows.get(0).?????

Answer Source

You're almost there. What you have is giving you a list of all UIAWindows when what you want is a list of all the elements of the first UIAWindow. I'd suggest using Xpath with a wildcard.

This will get you every element that is a direct child of the first UIAWindow:

List<MobileElement> elements = driver.findElements(MobileBy.xpath("//UIAWindow[1]/*");

And this will get you every child and sub-child and sub-sub-child etc. of the first UIAWindow:

List<MobileElement> elements = driver.findElements(MobileBy.xpath("//UIAWindow[1]//*");

An extra tip: If you're automating for iOS, I assume that means you have access to OS X, where you can install the Appium dot app and use inspector. The inspector is a great tool to test out xpath queries before putting them into your code.

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