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PHP Question

How to get object property from each object in an array?

Assuming I have an array of objects in PHP, something like:

Array (
[0] => stdClass Object (
[id] => 1
[name] => Title One
[1] => stdClass Object (
[id] => 2
[name] => Title Two

[2] => stdClass Object (
[id] => 7
[name] => Title Seven

What is the best way (i.e. fastest) to get an array of the IDs? i.e.
I can loop manually but I feel there must be a better method.

Just saw this in the similar questions but there's a little debate over whether the accepted answer is really the best way, plus it's from 2 years ago. I'm on PHP 5.3.

Answer Source

The fastest way is simply looping (foreach, for, while). Using callback functions will incur unnecessary overhead.

I would look to see if there's a way to create the list via the code that is building the initial array of objects.

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