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Java Question

Strategy Design Pattern

I've got an AuthenticationHandler interface that supports URLConnection but now i am using Apache HTTP Client. I want to have a common interface for authentication for both connection types (URLConnection and HTTP Client) but they both have different parameters and function differently.

How would I design this? Is a Strategy pattern the way to go?

import java.net.URLConnection;
import java.util.List;

public interface AuthenticationHandler {

* this needs to be called by everyone that needs direct access to a link which may have
* security access rules.
void trustAll();

* @param URLconnection where you set access state parameters or anything access related
* @param slice where you could get access config
* @param initializeSlice is true if you want the proxy to hibernate initialize all hibernated objects
* @return
* @throws ConnectionException
void authenticate(URLConnection conn) throws ConnectionException;

List<String> getSingleCookie();

void setSingleCookie(List<String> singleCookies);

CookieManager getCookieManager();

void setCookieManager(CookieManager cookieManager);

boolean isKeepGeneratedCookie();

void setKeepGeneratedCookie(boolean keepGeneratedCookie);


My main concern is

void authenticate(URLConnection conn) throws ConnectionException;

where it was originally taking a URLConnection conn but now we also want to add support for HTTP client too.

Answer Source

For Strategy pattern you should use something like this:

public class AuthenticationHandlerImpl implements AuthenticationHandler {

    private Authenticator authenticator;

    void authenticate() throws ConnectionException {

    public void setAuthenticator(final Authenticator  authenticator){
        this.authenticator = authenticator;


interface Authenticator {
    void authenticate();
    void setLogin(String login);
    void setPassword(String password);

class URLAuthenticator implements Authenticator {
    public void authenticate() {
        //use URLConnection

class HTTPClientAuthenticator implements Authenticator {
    public void authenticate() {
        //use HTTPClient

Usage example:

AuthenticationHandler handler = new AuthenticationHandlerImpl();
Authenticator authenticator = new HTTPClientAuthenticator();
//Authenticator authenticator = new URLAuthenticator();


For creation Authenticator you can use pattern FactoryMathod:

class AuthenticatorFactory {

    private AuthenticatorFactory(){}

    //type of param may be enum or other
    public static Authenticator createAuthenticator(... param) {
        if (param == ...) {
            return new URLAuthenticator();
        } else if (param == ...) {
            return new HTTPClientAuthenticator();
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