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Format / Suppress Scientific Notation from Python Pandas Aggregation Results

How can one modify the format for the output from a groupby operation in pandas that produces scientific notation for very large numbers. I know how to do string formatting in pythong but I'm at a loss when it comes to applying it here.


value1 1.192433e+08
value2 1.293066e+08
value3 1.077142e+08

This suppresses the scientific notation if I convert to string but now I'm just wondering how to string format and add decimals.


Answer Source

Granted, the answer I linked in the comments is not very helpful. You can specify your own string converter like so.

In [25]: pd.set_option('display.float_format', lambda x: '%.3f' % x)

In [28]: Series(np.random.randn(3))*1000000000
0    -757322420.605
1   -1436160588.997
2   -1235116117.064
dtype: float64

I'm not sure if that's the preferred way to do this, but it works.

Converting numbers to strings purely for aesthetic purposes seems like a bad idea, but if you have a good reason, this is one way:

In [6]: Series(np.random.randn(3)).apply(lambda x: '%.3f' % x)
0     0.026
1    -0.482
2    -0.694
dtype: object
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