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Faced error during update Alamofire to version 4.0 for my old project

I'm using the old version from Alamofire in one old project and now I want to update it to swift 3.0 and I want to update Alamofire also to version 4.0 but after add version number at pod file to pod alamofire and make pod install again I have this error at all time , I tried to make pod update but the process take a long time without any result like infinite process

enter image description here


I tried this command through terminal " pod update " but this error appeared after waiting 15 mins.

enter image description here

I searched on this issue and it's from networks but I tried through 3 networks and the same result.
How I can solve this issue now?

Answer Source

You need to:

  1. In your podfile update to: pod 'Alamofire', '~> 4.0'
  2. In your podfile update to: platform :ios, '9.0' (or higher)
  3. Change your deployment target in Xcode to iOS 9.0 or higher
  4. Do a pod update
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