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Ajax update and submission using h:commandButton

How to update a div and do partial submission using

, I have previously used
to do partial submission by setting the ajax attribute to true and the update attribute to :statusBlock, where the id of the
is statusBlock. I am having some designing issues with
so I cannot use it so I have to use

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This is to be done by nesting a <f:ajax> in it.

In effects,

<p:commandButton ... process="@form" update=":statusBlock" />

does exactly the same as

<h:commandButton ...>
    <f:ajax execute="@form" render=":statusBlock" />

Note that the subtle difference with the PrimeFaces equivalent is that PrimeFaces defaults to @form in the process/execute, while the <f:ajax> one defaults to @this, so you might need to explicitly specify execute="@form" over all place where you didn't specify the process attribute in the PrimeFaces component.

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