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How to preselect a radio button inside of a Struts iterator based on the iterator value?

I have the following lines of code inside of a Struts2


<s:radio name="indicatorFlag" list = "seqNoMap" value="indicatorFlag" /></div>
<div><s:property value = "indicatorFlag"/></div>

is a defined on my action page as follows.

seqNoMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
seqNoMap.put("Y", " Yes ");
seqNoMap.put("N", " No ");

The radio buttons show up on my page and passes the selection info back to the
field on the action page, but the
in the
tag does not preselect the radio button even though it does print out a Y or an N in the
tag on the second line. The
changes values as the iterator goes through the list (it is a field of the objects in the list being iterated). I have found several places which answer this question and I think I am applying the answers they give, but obviously I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the relevant code for the
action page.

private HashMap<String, String> seqNoMap;
private List<RefQuestionInfo> questionInfoList;
private String indicatorFlag; // Char (1) flag

public RefQuestionAction(){
seqNoMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
seqNoMap.put("Y", " Yes ");
seqNoMap.put("N", " No ");

Here is the code which defines the object
is the only field involved in this question).

public class RefQuestionInfo extends BaseInfo implements Serializable {
private int questionId;
private int seqNo;
private String indicatorFlag;
private Date activeDate;
private Date inactiveDate;
private String question;

Here is the Struts2 code inside of the
tag. I have stripped out most of the page code to focus on what my problem is.

<s:iterator value = "questionInfoList" var = "questionInfo">
<s:radio name="indicatorFlag" list = "seqNoMap" value="indicatorFlag" />
<div><s:property value = "indicatorFlag"/></div>

The output looks like this.

JSP page output

I want the Yes or No radio value to be preselected based on the Y or N which is on the line after the radio buttons.

Answer Source

Your all radio buttons have the same name, that means that you can have only one of them selected. Assign different names for them using iterator status.

<s:iterator value="questionInfoList" var="questionInfo" status="stat">
  <s:radio name="indicatorFlag%{#stat.index}" list="seqNoMap" value="indicatorFlag" /> 
  <div><s:property value="indicatorFlag" /></div>

Note that you have variable with the same name indicatorFlag inside action and inside your RefQuestionInfo in the above code the one inside RefQuestionInfo will be used.

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