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Paypal In-Context Express Checkout button missing on IE

I have implemented Paypal's In-Context Express Checkout on a website (HTML and JQuery, no shopping cart, no CMS or anything), and it works perfectly on Firefox and Chrome for Windows, and Safari, Firefox, Chrome & Opera for Mac, but it doesn't work on IE.

Paypal's "Paypal Checkout" button is missing on IE. Every other browser has a button inserted which is the one that is clicked on to "activate" the checkout flow, but on IE the button is missing and thus the checkout flow is not activated.

The problem is ONLY on Internet Explorer. IE11, using

X-UA-Compatible IE=EDGE

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

It turns out that by moving the <script> tag with checkout.js from the <head> to the <body> right before the <form> tag, it works on IE.

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