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Vovanches Vovanches - 7 months ago 34
Ruby Question

How to break links between created objects

I want to make a hash of arrays.

If I do this:

res = Hash[(1..5).zip, [])]

I will get this as result:

{1=>[], 2=>[], 3=>[], 4=>[], 5=>[]}

It's ok. But, when I try to change one of this array, Ruby changes them all, and that is not OK.

If I do this:

res[1] << 1

I will get this as result:

{1=>[1], 2=>[1], 3=>[1], 4=>[1], 5=>[1]}

I was trying to use other variants, like:

res = Hash[(1..5).zip,]
res = Hash[(1..5).zip, [].dup)]
res = Hash[(1..5).zip, [].clone)]
res = Hash[(1..5).zip, []).clone]

But they gave me the same result.



Pass a block into the method to get elements with different object IDs. Each array is a different object:

res = Hash[(1..5).zip({[]})]