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sbt 0.13.1 multi-project module not found when I change the sbt default scala library to scala 2.11.2

I use the sbt 0.13.1 create the two modules, and I create project/MyBuild.scala to compile this two modules.

import sbt._
import Keys._
object MyBuild extends Build {
lazy val task ="task"))
lazy val root =".")) aggregate(task) dependsOn task

When I change the scala library to 2.11.2 by set scalaHome. It will go to maven download the task.jar and failed, that's very strange. Is it a sbt bug?

There is the github test project address: test-sbt-0.13.1

Answer Source

I'd recommend you to move the sources of root project from root to subfolder (task2), and add them as aggregated. It will remove aggregating and depending on same project:

object MyBuild extends Build {
          lazy val task ="task"))
          lazy val task2 ="task2")) dependsOn task
          lazy val root =".")) aggregate(task, task2) 

This works for me, but it's strange that such non-standard project structure works fine with default scalaHome. Seems to be a problem in the way in which sbt resolves such dependency as external.

P.S. This answer doesn't cover the whole story. See @jjst's answer to clarify more.

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