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Android Question

Retrieve Info from forum software with Android

Say I pass a search Query to a forum board and I want to retrieve all the posts tags from the search on said forumboard.

How could I use android to parse all the posts?

I am lead to believe that I should utilize some form of API.

Can someone guide me down the right path?

I do not have a specific forumboard software in mind, if any forum softwares have good API please let me know.

Answer Source

Okay so you are making a site that allows users to post things(?) and you can tag them. Just like here on Stack Overflow they allow you to tag your question and you can include that in the POST your website sends back to your server. Now you can send all sorts of information back to your servers including profile, question, tags, time of last update, etc; it really is limitless.

Now once you have that, if it is your own site you can then incorporate the Swagger API or whatever API you want, or you can hook your android app directly to the server and implement the same search features there as on the website. Once you have that determined, if you want to use an API for your app then you will need to look at AsyncTask for android. This little handy task can crawl the website in the background and return whatever you want, including API information if that is what you want.

I know this answer is broad but your question is broad, you have to start from the ground up and it can be challenging but remember that in order to get good at something it takes time, and if this is something you really want to do then it's not time wasted.

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