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DistCC and CMake - select between local and distributed build when running make

My project is build using CMake and is compiled with DistCC + GCC.
I configure the compiler as follows:

SET(CMAKE_C_COMPILER "distcc variation-of-gcc")

To build the project, I simply run 'cmake' and then 'make -jXX'.

Although distcc really speeds up things, I sometimes want to build without distribution - I want it to build locally on the machine.

I know I can modify DISTCC_HOSTS to include only localhost - but this still has the overhead of distcc networking, although it if faster than the overhead for other machines...
I can also do that by rerunning cmake again and modifying the CMAKE_C_COMPILER using customization flags.

But I am looking for a way to do that by just adding a flag directly to 'make'.

# this will use distcc:
make -jXX ...
# this will run locally:
make LOCAL_BUILD=1 -jX ...

Is there a CMake trick I can use?
Can anyone assist?


Answer Source

The simplest thing to do (IMO) is write a little script in your project that invokes the compiler, and change your cmake files to run that script instead of containing the name of the compiler directly:

SET(CMAKE_C_COMPILER "my-gcc-script")

Now you can have that script normally run distcc but (based on an environment variable or something) also run without distcc. No need to change anything in your cmake files.

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