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Linking a qtDesigner .ui file to python/pyqt?

So if I go into QtDesigner and build a UI, it'll be saved as a .ui file. How can I make this as a python file or use this in python?

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Another way to use .ui in your code is:

from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui, uic
class MyWidget(QtGui.QWidget)
    #somewhere in constructor:
    uic.loadUi('MyWidget.ui', self)

both approaches are good. Do not forget, that if you use Qt resource files (extremely useful) for icons and so on, you must compile it too:

pyrcc4.exe -o ui/ ui/images/images.qrc

Note, when uic compiles interface, it adds 'import images_rc' at the end of .py file, so you must compile resources into the file with this name, or rename it in generated code.

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