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PHP Question

How to write base url in cms page in magento?

In my cms page im writing url for a tag is

<a class="blue-btn" title="Personalize Now" href="{{store url="personalizer?pid=custom"}}">Personalize Now</a>

I want to get link like below


I got url upto this - http://localhost/appcustomizer-pdt-003/index.php

But i dont know how to get -


Answer Source

Try this,

For store url

<a class="blue-btn" title="Personalize Now" href="{{store url=''}}personalizer?pid=custom">Personalize Now</a>

For Base url

<a class="blue-btn" title="Personalize Now" href="{{base url=''}}personalizer?pid=custom">Personalize Now</a>


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