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How can prefill multiple search columns with their values when returning with stateSave: true?

I am using the jQuery DataTables plug-in (version 1.10.5) with the

stateSave: true
option and custom multiple column search inputs:

myDataTable: function(options){
var $tr = $('<tr></tr>');

$('thead th', this).each(function(){
var $td = $('<td></td>')

var $input = $('<input type="text" placeholder="Search ' + $.trim($(this).text()) + '" />');



$('thead', this).prepend($tr);


var table = $(this).DataTable();

$('input', table.table().header()).eq(colIdx).on('keyup textInput change blur click', function(){

When leaving the page and returning, the filter is correctly applied, but the values entered into the search inputs are gone. How can I have them pre-filled when returning and using
stateSave: true

I have tried using the
callback, but I can't find where the filter values for each column are stored.

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