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Android Question

How to include and order an array using the Strongloop Loopback REST API?

I have am including an array in an existing model, by adding the terms

{"include" : ["answers"]}
in a model called User/Questions. Therefore, if I get the User/Questions model I will get a list of answers. However, now I would like to order the answers in my Question Model based on the dateCreated. To do this how should I edit the terms I place in the REST Strongloop API's filter?


"question": "where is the coffee shop?"
"answers": [
//answer model included
"answer": "I am not sure",
"dateCreated": 4/1/16,
"answer": "maybe try 5th avenue?",
"dateCreated": 4/3/16,
"answer": "oh its by the bakery",
"dateCreated": 4/2/16,

Answer Source

Scope need to be included when When querying related models. So for your example, it would be along the lines of:

 {"include": {"relation": "answers", "scope": {"order" : "dateCreated DESC"}}}
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