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Calculating MAX and MIN Latitude and Longitude with distance from Location - Objective C

I need to compute MAX and MIN Latitude and Longitude values from a location with certain distance.

I have thousands of locations stored in CoreData, and I want to show only the ones within 5km from users location.

How can I approach this problem?

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Here's a possible solution:

  1. macros to convert Degrees to Radians

    #define deg2rad(degrees) ((degrees) / 180.0 M_PI)
  2. macros to hold my searching distance

    #define searchDistance 5.00 //float value in KM
  3. set the minimum and maximum Latitude, Longitude values

    float minLat = userLocation.coordinate.latitude - (searchDistance / 69);
    float maxLat = userLocation.coordinate.latitude + (searchDistance / 69);
    float minLon = userLocation.coordinate.latitude - searchDistance / fabs(cos(deg2rad(userLocation.coordinate.latitude))*69);
    float maxLon = userLocation.coordinate.longitude + searchDistance / fabs(cos(deg2rad(userLocation.coordinate.latitude))*69);
  4. create predicate as follows

    NSPredicate *predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"latitude <= %f AND latitude >= %f AND longitude <= %f AND longitude >= %f", maxLat, minLat, maxLon, minLon];

This will create a square around userLocation and check if a given location falls into its coordinates.

Update: Swift 2.* implementation

First create a function to compute degrees to radians

func deg2rad(degrees:Double) -> Double{
    return degrees * M_PI / 180

Compute and create minimum and maximum Latitude and Longitude values

let searchDistance:Double =  5.00 //float value in KM    

let minLat = userLocation.coordinate.latitude - (searchDistance / 69)
let maxLat = userLocation.coordinate.latitude + (searchDistance / 69)

let minLon = userLocation.coordinate.longitude - searchDistance / fabs(cos(deg2rad(userLocation.coordinate.latitude))*69)
let maxLon = userLocation.coordinate.longitude + searchDistance / fabs(cos(deg2rad(userLocation.coordinate.latitude))*69)

Last create NSPredicate to query CoreData for locations. In my case I am querying for values latitude and longitude but you should change this to match your CoreData object

let predicate = NSPredicate(format: "latitude <= \(maxLat) AND latitude >= \(minLat) AND longitude <= \(maxLon) AND longitude >= \(minLon)")
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