chris chris - 1 year ago 139 Question calling constructor when using generics

I'm not sure if this is possible or not.

I have a number of different classes that implement interface IBar, and have constructors that take a couple of values. Rather than create a bunch of almost identical method, is it possible to have a generic method that will create the appropriate constructor?

private function GetFoo(Of T)(byval p1, byval p2) as List(Of IBar)
dim list as new List(Of IBar)

dim foo as T

' a loop here for different values of x
foo = new T(x,p1)
' end of loop
return list
end function

I get:

'New' cannot be used on a type parameter that does not have a 'New' constraint.

Answer Source

Unfortunately not - .NET generics only allow you to constrain a generic type to have a parameterless constructor, which you can then call with New T()... you can't specify a particular set of parameters.

If you don't mind making your types mutable, you could create an interface which containing a method with the relevant parameters, make all your types implement the interface, and then constrain the type to implement that method and have a parameterless constructor, but it's not ideal.

Another option is to pass in an appropriate Func which takes x and p1 and returns a new T each time. That would certainly be easy to use from C# - not quite so easy in VB IIRC, but worth considering nevertheless.

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