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Python Question

Changing words in a string to capitalize a text file

In order to fix a bunch all-uppercase text files, I have written a script that:

  1. Lowers all characters and capitalizes the first word of each line and the first word after a period.

  2. Capitalizes all words that are in a list of city and country names (from another text file)

def lowit(line):
line = line.lower()
sentences = line.split('. ')
sentences2 = [sentence[0].capitalize() + sentence[1:] for sentence in sentences]
string2 = '. '.join(sentences2)
return string2

def capcico(line, allKeywords):
allWords = line.split(' ')
original = line.split(' ')

for i,words in enumerate(allWords):
words = words.replace(',', '')
words = words.replace('.', '')
words = words.replace(';', '')

if words in allKeywords:
original[i] = original[i].capitalize()

return ' '.join(original)

def main():
dfile = open('fixed.txt', 'w')
f = open('allist.txt', 'r')
allKeywords ='\n')

with open('ulm.txt', 'r') as fileinput:
for line in fileinput:
low_line = lowit(line)
dfile.write('\n' + capcico(low_line, allKeywords))

if __name__ == '__main__':

It works, but the problem is that it doesn't capitalize a city/Country if there are more than one in the same line:


changes to:

Town in Wuerttemberg, germany.

Any Ideas to what's wrong?


Col Col
Answer Source

It is because "germany" is really "germany\n". Strip the EOL off the word...

words = words.replace(',', '')
words = words.replace('.', '')
words = words.replace(';', '')

# Add in this line to strip the EOL
words = words.rstrip('\r\n') 
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