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Will the WPF user Control be Disposed if used inside a Windows Form that will be disposed?

So I just learned that we can put a WPF

to a windows
control. If that windows form control was disposed, will the WPF user control be disposed too?

Answer Source

If your WPF UserControl is IDisposable the answer is yes, otherwise no.

In the source code for Dispose method of ElementHost class which hosts a WPF UserControl, you can see this:

IDisposable child = this.Child as IDisposable;
if (child != null)

Which means the Child will be disposed, if it's IDisposable.


WPF doesn't rely on IDisposable interface for resource cleanup. But since the UserControl will be used in a Windows Forms Project in an ElementHost control which supports IDisposable pattern, you can rely on IDisposable pattern if you need to perform some resource clean up. But if it was a WPF project, you should use WPF mechanisms for resource clean up.

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