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How to apply a function to an angularjs expression inside a controller?

simple question, I would like to apply a function inside my controller scope to an expression.

This is my HTML inside my controller

<p><span ng-if="paginaDetail.pubdate !== '' ">Vanaf {{paginaDetail.pubdate}}</span></p>

This is my javascript

$scope.formatMysqlTimestampToHumanreadableDateTime = function(sDateTime){
sDateTime = sDateTime.toString();
var sHumanreadableDateTime = sDateTime.substring(8, 10) + "/" + sDateTime.substring(5, 7) + "/" + sDateTime.substring(0, 4);
sHumanreadableDateTime += " " + sDateTime.substring(11, 13) + ":" + sDateTime.substring(14, 16);
return sHumanreadableDateTime;

and what I was trying to do is to apply formatMysqlTimestampToHumanreadableDateTime to paginaDetail.pubdate like this

<p><span ng-if="paginaDetail.pubdate !== '' ">Vanaf {{formatMysqlTimestampToHumanreadableDateTime(paginaDetail.pubdate)}}</span></p>

or this

<p><span ng-if="paginaDetail.pubdate !== '' ">Vanaf {{paginaDetail.pubdate|formatMysqlTimestampToHumanreadableDateTime}}</span></p>

but both ways are not correct.

The first method works but on the console i've this error

Error: [$interpolate:interr]$interpolate/interr?p0=Tot%20%7B%7BformatMysqlTimestampToHumanreadableDateTime(paginaDetail.endpubdate)%7D%7D&p1=TypeError%3A%20sDateTime%20is%20undefined

http://mysite.local/js/libs/angular.min.js Line 89

and the second one simply doesn't work.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

Answer Source

If I can offer an alternative option to controller based actions... this looks like a great scenario for a filter

The idea is to use filter the input while it's being put into the html like {{myDate|format}}.

The filter is defined like:

myApp.filter('format', function () {
   return function (input) {
      //your date parser here

Or whatever else you wish to do with it. This way you can reuse it without having to put the function in every controller you wish to use it in.

Here's a fiddle you can expand on, to get you going.

edit Looking more closely at the error I think your actual problem is that .pubdate is not populated (TypeError: sDateTime is not defined). Try to put a breakpoint in the function or see what console says.

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