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iOS Question

Are headphones plugged in? iOS7

Developing an app for an iPhone with audio files that need to be listened too through headphones.

How do I check if headphones aren't plugged in so I can tell the user to plug in headphones.

I have the following code from another thread but the audioSessionGetProperty method is deprecated. Anyone know how to alter the following code to make this work OR have there own code/solution.


- (BOOL)isHeadsetPluggedIn {
UInt32 routeSize = sizeof (CFStringRef);
CFStringRef route;

//Maybe changing it to something like the following would work for iOS7?
//AVAudioSession* session = [AVAudioSession sharedInstance];
//OSStatus error = [session setCategory:kAudioSessionProperty_AudioRoute...?

//the line below is whats giving me the warning
OSStatus error = AudioSessionGetProperty (kAudioSessionProperty_AudioRoute,

/* Known values of route:
* "Headset"
* "Headphone"
* "Speaker"
* "SpeakerAndMicrophone"
* "HeadphonesAndMicrophone"
* "HeadsetInOut"
* "ReceiverAndMicrophone"
* "Lineout"

if (!error && (route != NULL)) {

NSString* routeStr = (__bridge NSString*)route;

NSRange headphoneRange = [routeStr rangeOfString : @"Head"];

if (headphoneRange.location != NSNotFound) return YES;


return NO;

Answer Source

This should work, but I cannot test it right now, I'll do in the evening.

- (BOOL)isHeadsetPluggedIn {
    AVAudioSessionRouteDescription* route = [[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] currentRoute];
    for (AVAudioSessionPortDescription* desc in [route outputs]) {
        if ([[desc portType] isEqualToString:AVAudioSessionPortHeadphones])
            return YES;
    return NO;
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