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A Blank WooCommerce Checkout Page

I am using WooCommerce in conjunction with the Ark theme (a third-party theme) on our WordPress website. Things were working perfectly up until the last week or so when I noticed the issue of the checkout page being rendered as a blank page.

This error can be replicated through these series of steps:

  1. Navigate to the store

  2. Add any item(s) to the basket

  3. When you've added an item from the storefront, you then hover over the basket icon in the header and click Checkout.

  4. If you chose to view the basket instead when adding an item, just scroll down and click Proceed to Checkout.

After chatting with my server provider, it was brought to my attention that some PHP errors were being thrown up. Here is an example of the errors in question.

image description

It seems like there is a plugin conflict with Fresh Framework (a plugin required by the theme to work as intended). Disabling this particular plugin shows the checkout page fine, albeit with much of the styling of the website gone (which is not how I want things).

I have contacted both WooCommerce and the theme's developers for assistance. The former unwilling to help due to the use of a third party theme. The latter being particular slow in responding to my queries.

The theme and all plugins are up-to-date. I did notice the update upon applying some updates to certain plugins but not the ones in question (WooCommerce/Fresh Framework). Additionally, bringing up the browser's developer console does show a JQuery error (Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression:...) which I believe is related to the issue.

Any type of assistance would be greatly appreciated as the critical error is occurring on a live website and it is particularly crippling our chances of doing business.

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At a first glimpse it s most probable that the plugin (fresh-framework) was recently updated...

Deactivating removes its functions, enabling it includes the functions but breaks the page

Suggest to check the plugin's history and restore to a previous version. If that's not possible you probably have to wait until they get the error fixed (or try to fix it yourself) But as you see most probably the problem comes frm the fresh-framework update

PD: PHP Notice are not errors, the errors are only PHP Warning & PHP Error As you see from the PHP warnings it seems that there is a problem with the filepath where it's trying to write freshizer.php line 248

you can temporary check which path it tries to write to by adding a wordpress log message or echoing the path....

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