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AngluarJS and Firebase, Updating table using services

I have a table I want to update with data I get from my firebase database. I know the firebase calls return a promise and the database call in then ran async, but even in the .then methods I can't seem to extract the async data into my table view.

To overcome the async part I have tried to used services (based on this answer Update scope value when service data is changed). I used the test callback method

to test adding data. But when I use this callback inside the .then() of the firebase queries the data of the service is updated but it is not updated in the view.

routerApp.controller('leaderboardCtrl', function($scope, service) {

$ =;

service.getLeaderboard('Test1', 'TestGroup', 10);

}).factory("service", function($rootScope, $q)
return new (function AsyncTest(){[
{name : "Sam" , score : 190}
var self=this;
//{name : "Sam" , score : 180});

this.addValue =function(){
var self=this;{name : "Sam" , score : 180});

this.getLeaderboard = function(test, groupName, limit){
var self=this;
var uid = currentUser.uid;

firebase.database().ref('/groupMembers/' + groupName).once('value').then(function(snapshot) {
for(var user in snapshot.val()){
firebase.database().ref('/tests/' +test + '/users/' + user).orderByChild("score").limitToLast(limit).once('value').then(function (snapshot) {



Answer Source

This occurs often in Angular when using firebase. In your addValue() method try adding $scope.apply() after your push logic .


    var self=this;{name : "Sam" , score : 180});

$scope.apply() is used to update the view to reflect whats been done in your controller .

Hope this helps

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