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C++ Question

Member of class point to member of class

I just started with c++, and i have a problem with pointing to an address of memeber of class.
When i compile there are no errors, but program breaks when I run it.

class vise
int h1=10;
int n1=12;
int *x;
int set();

class vodv
vise *v;
int g;

int vise::set()
return 0;

this line break the program

vodv f;
vise v1;

Answer Source

You are not allocating memory for v, and so when you try to access it:

(f.v)->x = &(v1.n1);
   Dereferences 'v'

v can point to any memory address. Dereferencing it is undefined behavior, which sometimes (it is undefined after all) crashes your program.

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