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how to escape white space in Android Studio link to SDK/NDK

I recently am taking development in Android using

Android Studio 1.5.1
(AS) and I'm really beginner in this area.

My last project is about Game app using AndEngine. Before this, I faced several problem, from importing AndEngine with AS, setting
, and then downloaded the NDK.

After solved all that, now I'm facing white spaces problem in NDK location. I placed my NDK in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\ndk-bundle

How do I solved the white space?

Answer Source

So, since no one answered this question, I will give you updates regarding what happened after :

As a workaround, I decided to move the directory which contains all NDKs into C:\ , so it will looks like


With this, I no longer have problem with whitespaces on NDK directory address, and also helps me accessing NDKs, since now they got short address

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