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Jackson: json schema references other schemas, can this be disabled?

When I use Jackson Json-Schema-Module, my schemas are generated using references that are pointed to each other.

Consider this schema:

This is a property object inside POJO1

"myObject" : {
"type" : "object",
"id": "urn:jsonschema:package:myObject"
"properties": {
"property1" : {
"type" : "string"
"property2" : {
"type" : "string"

I have the same property object inside POJO2, and when both schemas get generated, I get the following in POJO2:

"myObject" : {
"type" : "object",
"$ref": "urn:jsonschema:package:myObject"

But I want this property in POJO2'a schema be the same as in POJO1's schema, I don't want the reference. Can this be disabled? Or is there a workaround?

Here's the code I use:

for (Class clazz : classes) {

ObjectMapper m = new ObjectMapper();
SchemaFactoryWrapper visitor = new SchemaFactoryWrapper();
m.acceptJsonFormatVisitor(m.constructType(clazz), visitor);
JsonSchema jsonSchema = visitor.finalSchema();
m.write(new File("json/" + clazz.getSimpleName() + ".json"), jsonSchema);


At first I thought that if use different ObjectMapper instances for each schema construction I would get what I want, but not the case, apparently there's some sort of cache, my knowledge of such things is not deep enough to come to a right conclusion.


Answer Source

You can simply override hashset and set it using java reflections like this:

Field f = visitorContext.getClass().getDeclaredField("seenSchemas");
      f.set(visitorContext, dummyHashSet);
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