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Enable BroadcastReceiver of other application using PackageManager.setComponentEnabledSetting()

I want to start the BroadcastReceiver of other application installed on my android device from my app. Here is the code

ComponentName componentName = new ComponentName("com.example.myapp","com.example.myapp.MyBroadcastReceiver");

"com.example.myapp" is the package name of the other application which contains "MyBroadcastReceiver"

I referred answers given in the post Android PackageManager enable any application and Android - can't enable BroadcastReceiver but none of them seems to be working. The application continues throwing the permission denial SecurityException. Given is the logcat

05-24 11:37:38.382: E/AndroidRuntime(8746): java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: attempt to change component state from pid=8746, uid=10042, package uid=10041

Answer Source
public void setComponentEnabledSetting(ComponentName componentName,  
            int newState, int flags) {  
                componentName.getClassName(), newState, flags);  

public void setApplicationEnabledSetting(String appPackageName,  
            int newState, int flags) {  
        setEnabledSetting(appPackageName, null, newState, flags);  

private void setEnabledSetting(  
            final String packageName, String className, int newState, final int flags) {  
        if (!(newState == COMPONENT_ENABLED_STATE_DEFAULT  
              || newState == COMPONENT_ENABLED_STATE_ENABLED  
              || newState == COMPONENT_ENABLED_STATE_DISABLED)) {  
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid new component state: "  
                    + newState);  
        PackageSetting pkgSetting;  
        final int uid = Binder.getCallingUid();  
        final int permission = mContext.checkCallingPermission(  
        final boolean allowedByPermission = (permission == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED);  
        boolean sendNow = false;  
        boolean isApp = (className == null);  
        String componentName = isApp ? packageName : className;  
        int packageUid = -1;  
        ArrayList<String> components;  
        synchronized (mPackages) {  
            pkgSetting = mSettings.mPackages.get(packageName);  
            if (pkgSetting == null) {  
                if (className == null) {  
                    throw new IllegalArgumentException(  
                            "Unknown package: " + packageName);  
                throw new IllegalArgumentException(  
                        "Unknown component: " + packageName  
                        + "/" + className);  
            if (!allowedByPermission && (**uid != pkgSetting.userId**)) {  
                throw new SecurityException(  
                        "Permission Denial: attempt to change component state from pid="  
                        + Binder.getCallingPid()  
                        + ", uid=" + uid + ", package uid=" + pkgSetting.userId);  

It will compare uid,so can't disable or enable other application. from: /frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/pm/

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