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React JSX Question

Append data to the nested redux store

I am working on creating a

Line chart
, for that I am fetching data from an API at regular interval and and on success I am dispatching an action that updates the
. I have an initial data in my redux store as

var lagData = [{
options: {
responsive: true,
legend: {
position: 'top'
title: {
display: true,
text: 'ETL lag in minutes'
scales: {
xAxes: [{
type: 'linear',
position: 'bottom'
yAxes: [{
stacked: true
data: {
labels: [],
datasets: [
label: 'Current lag',
fill: false,
lineTension: 0.1,
backgroundColor: "rgba(75,192,192,0.4)",
borderColor: "rgba(75,192,192,1)",
borderCapStyle: 'butt',
borderDash: [],
borderDashOffset: 0.0,
borderJoinStyle: 'miter',
pointBorderColor: "rgba(75,192,192,1)",
pointBackgroundColor: "#fff",
pointBorderWidth: 1,
pointHoverRadius: 5,
pointHoverBackgroundColor: "rgba(75,192,192,1)",
pointHoverBorderColor: "rgba(220,220,220,1)",
pointHoverBorderWidth: 2,
pointRadius: 1,
pointHitRadius: 10,
spanGaps: false,
data: []

In this store I am trying to append data to the
tags. But I can't figure out how, I am trying it as follows but it doesn't work

const lagInfo = (state = lagData, action) => {
switch(action.type) {
return Object.assign({}, state, {
data: Object.assign({},, {
x: "afsa",
y: "fa"
return action.err;
return state;


export default lagInfo;

Any help is appreciated

Answer Source

You can use immutability-helper to update state in an immutable way. The code should look like:

import update from 'immutability-helper'; //import helper
// ....
  return update(state, {
    0: {
      data: {
         datasets: {
           0: {
              data: {$push: [{ x: "afsa", y: "fa"}]}

I've made a fiddle with an example (there is used deprecated react-addons-update, but they have same behaviour).

NOTE: Your lagData is array. Shouldn't it be an object, since it is a state? In example above I've assumed that it should be and object, but if for some reasons you still have to deal with an array - here is the fiddle.

PS: Even more better, is to keep your state as an immutable object, for example with the help of this tool. I would suggest to loo towards it!

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