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TypeError when converting Pandas to Spark

So I have looked up this question on here but previous solutions have not worked for me. I have a DataFrame in this format

dbn boro bus
0 17K548 Brooklyn B41, B43, B44-SBS, B45, B48, B49, B69
1 09X543 Bronx Bx13, Bx15, Bx17, Bx21, Bx35, Bx4, Bx41, Bx4A,...
4 28Q680 Queens Q25, Q46, Q65
6 14K474 Brooklyn B24, B43, B48, B60, Q54, Q59

There are a couple more columns but I have excluded them (subway lines and test scores). When I try to convert this DataFrame into a Spark DataFrame I am given an error which is this.

TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-30-1721be5c2987> in <module>()
----> 1 sparkdf = sqlc.createDataFrame(mdf)

/usr/local/Cellar/apache-spark/1.6.2/libexec/python/pyspark/sql/context.pyc in createDataFrame(self, data, schema, samplingRatio)
423 rdd, schema = self._createFromRDD(data, schema, samplingRatio)
424 else:
--> 425 rdd, schema = self._createFromLocal(data, schema)
426 jrdd = self._jvm.SerDeUtil.toJavaArray(rdd._to_java_object_rdd())
427 jdf = self._ssql_ctx.applySchemaToPythonRDD(jrdd.rdd(), schema.json())

/usr/local/Cellar/apache-spark/1.6.2/libexec/python/pyspark/sql/context.pyc in _createFromLocal(self, data, schema)
340 if schema is None or isinstance(schema, (list, tuple)):
--> 341 struct = self._inferSchemaFromList(data)
342 if isinstance(schema, (list, tuple)):
343 for i, name in enumerate(schema):

/usr/local/Cellar/apache-spark/1.6.2/libexec/python/pyspark/sql/context.pyc in _inferSchemaFromList(self, data)
239 warnings.warn("inferring schema from dict is deprecated,"
240 "please use pyspark.sql.Row instead")
--> 241 schema = reduce(_merge_type, map(_infer_schema, data))
242 if _has_nulltype(schema):
243 raise ValueError("Some of types cannot be determined after inferring")

/usr/local/Cellar/apache-spark/1.6.2/libexec/python/pyspark/sql/types.pyc in _merge_type(a, b)
860 nfs = dict((, f.dataType) for f in b.fields)
861 fields = [StructField(, _merge_type(f.dataType, nfs.get(, NullType())))
--> 862 for f in a.fields]
863 names = set([ for f in fields])
864 for n in nfs:

/usr/local/Cellar/apache-spark/1.6.2/libexec/python/pyspark/sql/types.pyc in _merge_type(a, b)
854 elif type(a) is not type(b):
855 # TODO: type cast (such as int -> long)
--> 856 raise TypeError("Can not merge type %s and %s" % (type(a), type(b)))
858 # same type

TypeError: Can not merge type <class 'pyspark.sql.types.StringType'> and <class 'pyspark.sql.types.DoubleType'>

From what I have read this might be a problem with the headers being treated as data. It is my understanding you can't remove the headers from a DataFrame so how would I proceed with solving this error and converting this DataFrame into a Spark one?

Edit: Here is the code for how I created the Pandas DF and worked my way around the problem.

sqlc = SQLContext(sc)
df = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_csv('hsdir.csv', encoding = 'utf_8_sig'))
df = df[['dbn', 'boro', 'bus', 'subway', 'total_students']]
df1 = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_csv('sat_r.csv', encoding = 'utf_8_sig'))
df1 = df1.rename(columns = {'Num of SAT Test Takers': 'num_test_takers', 'SAT Critical Reading Avg. Score': 'read_avg', 'SAT Math Avg. Score' : 'math_avg', 'SAT Writing Avg. Score' : 'write_avg'})
mdf = pd.merge(df, df1, left_on = 'dbn', right_on = 'DBN', how = 'left')
mdf = mdf[pd.notnull(mdf['DBN'])]
mdf.to_csv('merged.csv', encoding = 'utf-8')
ndf ="com.databricks.spark.csv").option("header", "true").option("inferSchema", "true").load("merged.csv")

The last line of this code, loading it from my local machine ended up allowing me to convert the CSV properly to a Data Frame however my question still remains. Why did it not work in the first place?

Answer Source

You could use reflection to infer the schema from an RDD of Row objects, e.g.,

from pyspark.sql import Row
mdfRows = p: Row(dbn=p[0], boro=p[1], bus=p[2]))
dfOut = sqlContext.createDataFrame(mdfRows)

Does that achieve the desired result?

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