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Enforce PHP coding conventions for continuous integration

I guess, it's an off-topic question, but let me try to ask it. I've just started learing about Continuous Integration and now I know that for Java language there are tools like Checkstyle and PMD that enable to enforce coding standards and to report any lines of code that are not meeting these standards.

And now I wonder if there are similar tools for PHP language, that I could incorporate to my Continuous Integration system. What If want all my codes to follow PSR-1 and PSR-2 specification. Are there any tools for PHP that can automate this process - check the whole code base and find files which do not meet the requirements etc.?

Answer Source

Try CodeSniffer.

For example, to verify code for PSR-2 compliance use phpcs --standard=PSR2 src.

Also, I recommend to check out this PHP package boilerplate. It has some basic CI setup with Travis CI and Codeclimate that might be helpful to you.

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